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Explore our compilation of projects, a testament to our decade-long commitment to efficiency and value maximization, crafted and perfected over years. Each project reflects our dedication to optimizing resources for unparalleled client value.

Case studies

University of Maribor

Web and Mobile App Development

The college professors’ work evaluation app

In an era where transparency in education is more critical than ever, the College Professors’ Work Evaluation App stands as a beacon of innovation and accountability.

We created an engaging React frontend with Framer Motion animations, paired with a secure PHP backend. Our solution revolutionizes academic assessment by combining interactive design with robust data management in the College Professors’ Work Evaluation App.

Using the college professors' work evaluation app provided a clear mirror to evaluate our teaching methods. The detailed feedback and user-friendly interface helped us enhance our lectures and foster better student engagement.

dr. Milena Ivanuš Grmek, Dean Faculty of Education UM


E-commerce development

E-commerce journey of VivaExpress

Seamless web store development and warehouse integration across multiple countries.

Harnessing the dynamic capabilities of WooCommerce, a flexible and scalable e-commerce framework, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive solution for a multi-country web store.

Studio did an amazing job building out our core blockchain infrastructure and I’m sure once PlaceboCoin rallies they’ll be able to finish the project.

Matej Kamnar, CEO of Viva Direct d.d.


Web development

A clean environment is our future!

Pollution monitoring with cutting-edge sensors and advanced Analytics - Empowering users with real-time environmental insights.

We revamped SensWare’s environmental monitoring system, leveraging React and React Native for an intuitive Analytics Platform. Additionally, we refactored the backend from C# to expose vital APIs, enabling seamless data presentation on the frontend.

Our decision to work with WebZone was a game-changer. Their programming expertise and efficient delivery not only met but exceeded our expectations. They provided even better ideas to solve the problems and present the data to users in a friendly way.

Tomaž Lazar, CEO of SensWare

We turned to WebZone based on their impressive track record. Their ability to swiftly deliver a solution that closely matched our expectations was truly outstanding.


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  • University of Maribor
  • SenseWare
  • Camper
  • Viva Express
  • Bazaar
  • Zia
  • AS Domžale
  • Oxy Vita

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