Case Study - E-commerce journey of VivaExpress

Seamless web store development and warehouse integration across multiple countries.

E-commerce development


At the forefront of empowering global commerce, our team spearheaded the development of a cutting-edge platform tailored to meet expansive needs. Harnessing the dynamic capabilities of WooCommerce, a flexible and scalable e-commerce framework, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive solution for a multi-country web store.

Leveraging our expertise in Node.js, we engineered a bespoke integration script that served as the linchpin between the e-commerce platform and the sophisticated ERP system. This intricate script was meticulously designed and fine-tuned to seamlessly synchronize stock levels across multiple warehouses and countries in real time.

We didn't merely aim for stock synchronization; we aimed for precision, efficiency, and reliability. The integration script functioned as the conduit, ensuring that inventory data flowed seamlessly between the e-commerce platform and the ERP system, allowing for timely updates and accurate reflections of stock availability.

This pioneering synchronization mechanism not only facilitated a streamlined operational workflow but also upheld the integrity of inventory management. By orchestrating this intricate symphony of technologies, we established a robust ecosystem where the web store's inventory was intricately linked and harmonized with the ERP system, allowing for agile decision-making and optimized customer experiences.

The fusion of WooCommerce as the foundational platform and our meticulously crafted Node.js integration script exemplifies our commitment to innovation and excellence. This tailored solution not only addressed the complex demands of a multi-country web store but also elevated the standard for efficient, synchronized, and seamless cross-border commerce

What we did

  • WooCommerce
  • Secure payments (Stripe)
  • ERP synchronization (NodeJS)
  • Accounting SaaS (NodeJS)

Studio did an amazing job building out our core blockchain infrastructure and I’m sure once PlaceboCoin rallies they’ll be able to finish the project.

Matej Kamnar, CEO of Viva Direct d.d.
Secure transactions
Stock synchronization

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