Case Study - A clean environment is our future!

Pollution monitoring with cutting-edge sensors and advanced Analytics - Empowering users with real-time environmental insights.

Web development


SensWare epitomizes our dedication to revolutionizing environmental monitoring, marked by a comprehensive overhaul and strategic enhancements. At its core, our team spearheaded the development of an intuitive Analytics Platform using React and React Native, ensuring a seamless and adaptable user experience across various devices. This journey involved a meticulous backend restructuring, transforming the existing C# infrastructure to expose vital APIs that effortlessly deliver and showcase crucial environmental data on the frontend interface.

Delving deeper into the platform's capabilities, an array of dynamic features awaits exploration. Interactive graphs, meticulously designed for different data series, offer real-time insights into crucial environmental parameters. We further expanded the functionality with comparison charts, enabling users to discern the intricate relationships between diverse data series, providing invaluable insights into their combined impact on the environment.

SensWare offers a singular, comprehensive solution by seamlessly measuring and presenting real-time meteorological data, pollution levels, and traffic statistics in a unified interface. Users gain access to accurate weather conditions, forecasts, and trends, fostering informed decision-making for weather enthusiasts and professionals alike. Additionally, SensWare's real-time pollution monitoring empowers users to make environmentally conscious choices by providing detailed insights into air quality and atmospheric conditions.This all-in-one platform reflects our commitment to innovation, providing users with a powerful tool to stay connected to essential insights that shape their environment.

SensWare excels in user-friendly data analysis by seamlessly enabling the comparison of different data series. This feature empowers users to easily discern correlations between meteorological, pollution, and traffic data. By effortlessly exploring diverse datasets side by side, SensWare provides a holistic understanding of the interplay between these variables. This functionality enhances decision-making, making SensWare an indispensable tool for those seeking a unified view of essential data.

SensWare's transformative journey stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, enabling users to analyze, interpret, and act upon environmental data with unprecedented ease and depth. As we continue to refine and expand SensWare's capabilities, our dedication to driving positive change through technology remains unwavering, empowering individuals and organizations to make informed decisions for a sustainable future.

What we did

  • Frontend (React)
  • Mobile app (React Native)
  • API (C#)
  • Speed optimization

Our decision to work with WebZone was a game-changer. Their programming expertise and efficient delivery not only met but exceeded our expectations. They provided even better ideas to solve the problems and present the data to users in a friendly way.

Tomaž Lazar, CEO of SensWare
More user friendly
Improved data comparison
Satisfaction score

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