Case Study - The college professors’ work evaluation app

Designed to facilitate continuous and comprehensive evaluation of college professors, this app is transforming the landscape of academic assessment.

University of Maribor
Web and Mobile App Development


After witnessing the growing need for transparency in the educational sector, the team behind the College Professors' Work Evaluation App approached us.

Their vision was clear: create a dynamic platform that enables continuous evaluation of academic professionals, ensuring a high standard of education. The challenge was to develop an app that was not only robust in functionality but also intuitive and user-friendly.

We opted for a multi-tiered approach, integrating advanced technologies like React for frontend development and PHP for backend processes. Our goal was to create a seamless experience for all users – whether they were students, department heads, or administrators.

Key Features

  • User Roles & Management.

    A multi-role system allowing various levels of access and management capabilities.

  • Questionnaire System.

    Dynamic and customizable questions based on specific criteria, ensuring relevant and targeted evaluations.

  • User Evaluation.

    A comprehensive scoring system to accurately reflect the performance and contributions of each professor.

  • Customization & Interactivity.

    Advanced editing features, including drag & drop functionality, and secure, session-based authentication.

  • Archival System.

    A robust system for storing past data, with options for exporting information in multiple formats.

  • User Experience Enhancements.

    A mobile-responsive design and seamless animations for an optimal user experience on any device.

What we did

  • Frontend Development (React)
  • Backend Development (PHP)
  • Database (Postgres)
  • Mobile Development (React native)

Using the college professors' work evaluation app provided a clear mirror to evaluate our teaching methods. The detailed feedback and user-friendly interface helped us enhance our lectures and foster better student engagement.

dr. Milena Ivanuš Grmek, Dean Faculty of Education UM
Survey parcitipation
Mobile app installs
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